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  • Healthbook

    HealthBook is an interactive one-stop media platform for all Singaporeans to access hospital as well as health and wellness information and services. HealthBook seeks to empower subscribers with health knowledge provided by experts in their respective fields. You can get tips on starting an exercise regime or eating a balanced diet.

    Besides educational health and wellness content, HealthBook also has interactive functions such as social networking corners that allow subscribers to share their health and wellness experiences.

    There are also health trackers which allow you to monitor your vital signs such as blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate and blood sugar level readings. You can also keep track of your daily food intake and exercise regimes via the Food & Exercise diary.

    With more than 100 topics related to heath, why not begin managing your health better by joining HealthBook today!

    You are invited to join HealthBook as a member. It is FREE.