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  • Optimism on Senior Employability

    C3A encourages seniors to continue staying engaged with society and in the workforce for as long as possible.

    Friends and family support, as well as a positive mindset on senior employability, will go a long way to encourage seniors to do so.
    Engaging seniors at work, be it paid or voluntary, has many benefits to the individuals and the society.

    Bridge the Intergenerational Gap

    Seniors have a wealth of knowledge and experience which we can tap on. Staying in the workforce gives seniors the opportunity to not only learn new skills, but at the same time, interact with the young and improve intergenerational bonding.

    Act as a “Mentor” at Workplace

    Seniors acquired wisdom through past experiences and are flexible because of their wider experience in different industries. They can play a part in coaching, facilitating, mentoring and training younger workers.

    Enhance Social Interaction

    Continuous engagement, whether through paid or voluntary work, is a positive lifestyle for seniors to continue their social interaction. They can even enlarge their social circle and stay connected with society.

    Maintain Health and Mental Wellbeing

    Seniors are able to tap into opportunities through personal networks. Everyone has a unique gift, talent, vocational skill or strength that can be used for the benefit of the community and workforce. Seniors who are meaningfully engaged in society would find it personally rewarding and conducive to good health and psychological satisfaction.

    “Ageing is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength.”

    - Betty Friedan, American Writer


    "Being at work motivates me to upgrade my skills and knowledge further – I am even more motivated to ensure that I keep fit and healthy to maintain the stamina and energy needed to do my work well."

    Betty Tong, 63, Part time school counsellor at a primary school

    "Apart from earning an income and being independent, working also keeps me alert and abreast of things at all times. As long as we have the ability to perform well and meet the organisation’s expectations, our efforts will be recognised by our bosses."

    Ms Rajam, 62, Assistant Manager in Finance at a voluntary welfare organisation

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