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  • Withdrawal of CPF on Medical Grounds

    If you are suffering from an illness that renders you permanently unfit from any employment, you may apply to withdraw your CPF savings on medical grounds.

    If you are eligible for withdrawal, you will receive monthly payouts from your Retirement Account. If you are terminally ill, you may apply to withdraw your CPF savings from your Ordinary, Special and Retirement Accounts in one lumpsum.

    Click here to apply for CPF Withdrawal on Medical Grounds.

    To support your application, you would need to provide the doctor\'s medical letter dated within 6 months from the date of your application, stating your current medical condition.

    Upon receipt of your application, we would obtain a medical report from your doctor or refer you to the Board’s panel of doctors to assess if you are eligible to withdraw your CPF savings on medical grounds. Following the Board\'s receipt of the complete set of medical certification and supporting documents requested by the Board from hospitals or the Board\'s panel of doctors, you can expect to receive your CPF monies within 4 weeks, if you are certified to be permanently unfit for further employment.

    Other Financial Protection In The Event of Permanent Incapacity:

    • Dependants’ Protection Scheme (DPS)
      Dependants’ Protection Scheme (DPS) is a term life insurance scheme that provides insured members and their families with some money to tide them over, in the first few years in the event of the member’s premature death or physical/mental incapacity from ever continuing in any employment. It is designed to automatically cover CPF members when they make their first CPF contribution from employment.

      The scheme is extended to CPF members who are Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents, between age 16 and 59. The DPS annual premium is payable from the insured members’ CPF Ordinary and/or Special Account(s). Members may pay their premiums by cash if there are insufficient funds in their accounts.

      DPS is currently administered by two appointed insurers, Great Eastern Life and NTUC Income.

    • For more information on DPS, please contact the insurers at:

      Great Eastern Life
      Tel: 1800-248 2888
      Website: http://www.lifeisgreat.com.sg/
      Email: wecare@Lifeisgreat.com.sg

      NTUC Income
      Tel: 6477 7755
      Website: http://www.income.com.sg/
      Email: cs@income.com.sg

      Click here for more information on DPS.

      Watch our DPS webcast to learn about its features.
    • Home Protection Scheme (HPS)
      HPS is a mortgage reducing insurance that protects you and your family from losing your home should you become physically/mentally incapacitated from ever continuing in any employment or pass away before your housing loans are fully paid up. If you are using your CPF savings to pay the housing loan installments on your HDB flat, you are likely to be insured under the Home Protection Scheme (HPS).

      Click here to apply for the HPS benefits under permanent incapacity grounds.

      Click here for more information on HPS.
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