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  • Achieve Physical Wellness For More Healthy Years

    or all seniors approaching their mid-50s and beyond, take heed that “time and tide waits for no man”. By taking control of your own health now, seniors can enjoy a better quality of life. The physical body undergoes an inevitable change as one ages though the process itself is gradual. So rejoice because there is still time to achieve physical wellness through healthy eating and an active lifestyle.

    Get Active

    Physical activity such as exercises or the lack thereof can determine whether the ageing process will be beset with health problems or not. Together with a balanced diet, seniors can then reap benefits such as more healthy years with enhanced independence and reduced risk of developing chronic diseases. So aim to achieve physical wellness by making minor adjustments in your daily routine which can go a long way in your exercise regime. Simply observe these three key strategies:

    1. Strength Training

    This is probably the most important element of healthy ageing for seniors because strength training will enable seniors to maintain muscle mass while at the same time keep bones strong. A good example is to carry grocery in a basket instead of using the cart or trolley. Or try lifting a bottle of 500ml water over your head while watching television.

    2. Endurance Exercises
    These help to improve cardiovascular conditioning and keep our hearts, lungs and arteries healthy. For example, try using the stairs instead of the lift or go window shopping which gives your legs a good workout, and you are up-to-date with the latest trends as well.

    3. Balance Exercises & Stretching
    These help to reduce incidences of a fall. As seniors are more prone to falling, exercise is thus a great way to improve one’s balance and flexibility, and hence minimises the risk of slips and falls.

    Get your spouse to join in the exercise for added fun!

    Try this: Sit on the floor facing your buddy and place your feet against each other. Grab one end of a towel or resistant band and slowly pull it towards you. You will bend backwards while your buddy bends forward. Hold this position for 15 seconds before returning to your starting position. Repeat this exercise but in the opposite direction.

    Eat Right

    For seniors to age well and in good health, eat nutrient-dense foods. These are foods which are high in nutrients but low in calories. Thanks to nutrition science, we have evidence of food and fruits that are good for health like whole grains, fruits and leafy-green vegetables. These will provide your body with the required minerals and vitamins. Seniors should also cut back on sugar, minimize fat and salt intake and hone up on calcium for stronger bones. Remember the saying, “You are what you eat”.

    More Good Years

    So make the best of your senior years by staying active and eating healthy, and enjoy many more good years. If you are a beginner, try brisk walking, leisure cycling or stretching exercises. Initially, start slow and then gradually increase the distance, duration and frequency of your activity. Enjoy as you progress and you will have many more good years ahead. Remember, one is never too old to start a healthy lifestyle.

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