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  • Movie Review: UP

    Jointly produced by the twin goliaths of children’s animated entertainment, Up was Pixar's first film to be presented in Disney Digital 3D.

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    The movie is a spectacular work of cinematic art, and has a timeless appeal that can be equally enjoyed by both the young and the young at heart. 

    Up features Carl, a 78 year old widower who dreams of travelling to South America to live the dream he and his wife used to share. Tired of his lonely and monotonous life, Carl hatches a plan to transport his home to an exotic land filled with wonders by using thousands of helium balloons. The plan is well underway when Carl, who is up thousands of feet in the air, hears the doorbell ring. Enter Russell, an earnest and slightly clueless boy-scout, who has been pestering Carl in an attempt to earn the “Assisting the Elderly” badge.

    A heart-warming tale of love and discovery blossoms as Carl and Russell, generations apart, are forced to lean on each other and realise that imagination, heart and adventure truly knows no bounds. Up is an award-winning movie that really is an epic adventure that would tug at the heartstrings and entertain the audience constantly with both humour and heart.

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