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  • Review: Will You Still Need Me? : Feeling Wanted, Loved, and Meaningful As We Age


    Ageing is an inevitable phase in life. While some are passive about growing old, others embrace ageing positively. This book addresses social and emotional issues about ageing in today’s society, and shares stories of individuals of different ages on their perspectives towards growing old. This book also discusses how some have achieved a fulfilling life and managed to stay physically and mentally resilient in their golden years.

    Extracted from: Page 181

    “We know there is no magic pill, no medicine that can stop the clock. Time does pass. Nothing changes this. However, it turns out that good attitude is good medicine, especially good preventative medicine. It has become clear to many individuals doing the ageing, as well as to many scientists researching the ageing, that thinking in a positive way about ageing while ageing can be a life extender. Estimates are at least seven and a half years can be added to your life just by thinking positively. (This effect is even true after controlling for gender, age, income, social isolation, and general health.) This is because the way we see our ageing processes has a great deal to do with how we experience ageing. Our feelings about growing older can be more (rather than less) positive and then can render the experience of growing older more (rather than less) positive. The idea that how long we live can be affected so powerfully by something that appears so simple is finally coming of age.”

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